Monday, February 27, 2012

No More Marbles for Lunch

Crazy pill count:
AM 125 Nuvigil, 10 Adderall
afternoon 10 Adderall
PM 10 Zyprexa, 20 Prozac

I started taking a new crazy pill. 
A blue crazy pill.
A beautiful crazy pill.
Perhaps the prettiest crazy pill I have ever taken...Adderall.

Can you stand the beauty? 

I, first, replaced my Nuvigil with Adderall.
Dr. Crazy described it in this way:
Nuvigil is to Adderall as a bullet is to a nuclear bomb.

But without any Nuvigil I was too sleepy, and so we added the Nuvigil back at a half dose and cut the Adderall dose in half. This equals fabulous.  Absolutely fabulous. The only trick is that I have to keep tabs to make sure my happy isn't too happy like I discussed here.

The best part of Adderall is that I'm no longer obsessed with food. Zyprexa, my fat pills, makes me a hungry hungry hippo. I'm not kidding. Zyprexa makes me so hungry I would happily eat marbles.

This is where I get to lecture you about being open to trying new pills and different treatments. Thanks to my new cocktail, I am no longer hungry enough to eat boardgames.

Be open.
Try what your doctor recommends.
The next experiment might lead to fabulous.

Until next time...

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