Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DSM-IV 296.7? or DSM-IV Hot?

Crazy pill count:
AM 125 Nuvigil, 20 Adderall
afternoon 10 Adderall
PM 10 Zyprexa, 30 Prozac

There was an interesting google search that lead to this blog yesterday:
Is McDreamy bipolar? 

I'm no Grey's Anatomy expert, but I do watch it every week. On second thought, let's just go ahead and call me a Grey's Anatomy expert. We have also, already, established what a fantastic, fake TV psychiatrist I'd be, so I'll give this question a shot.

I have never thought of McDreamy as being bipolar.
Hot? Yes.
But bipolar? No.

See. Totally hot.

I think he is often cranky, but came you blame him? I mean he is constantly performing life saving surgeries, but more often losing patients on the table. Seriously, his patients almost always die. If we were killing two million people, despite our best efforts to save them, every Thursday night, from 9:00-10:00pm Eastern Time, we would probably be cranky too.

Another problem is he is just plain old overworked.
He does his own scans (no technicians), he reads his own films (no radiologists), and I can't even remember the last time he had sex in the on call room. Lately all he says is, "Book an OR." The words, "Meet me in the on call room," have not left his lips all season.

He also has a new baby girl, and his wife, Meredith Grey, is always getting into schenanigans that either risk her life, or nearly get her fired.

But don't worry about him too much. The previews for this week show him in a bubble bath. Looks like he's finally getting that much needed rest and relaxation.

My official diagnosis for McDreamy is: Smokin' Hot.

Look he's ready for his bubble bath.

Until next time...

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