Monday, May 7, 2012

How Utterly Fabulous

Crazy pill count:
AM 10 Adderall, 5 Zyprexa, .5 Ativan
afternoon 10 Adderall
PM 5 Zyprexa, .5 Ativan

A while ago I mentioned I am part of the amazing Patti Digh's amazing Verb Tribe. One of our assignments yesterday was to write a love letter to the sky. How utterly fabulous is that?

It was especially fabulous because that morning I had already had a love affair with the sky, on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, flying a kite.  One of my amazing Tribe Members shared this quote with me:

"I made you a kite, so you would have to look up." -Dan Zadra

How utterly fabulous is that?

And how utterly fabulous is this sky?

Sometimes we need something to help us look up during the times we are feeling so down. The sky...the sky...the utterly fabulous is our glorious sky?

If you are feeling down, here is a kite to help you look up.

If you know someone who is feeling down, fly a kite together.
What a gift that would be.

So do it.
Fly a kite.
Have a love affair with the sky.
Because you are utterly fabulous, crazy and all.

Until next time...


  1. To quote Mary Poppins
    "Let's go fly a kite
    up to the highest heights.
    Let's go fly a kite,
    and send it soaring!
    Up to the atmosphere,
    up where the air is clear.
    Come, let's go fly a kite!"

    1. I love it! Thank you for sharing!