Friday, October 19, 2012

Crazy Pills are Bigger in Texas

Crazy pill count:
AM 20 Adderall, 5 Zyprexa, 200 Lamictal, 45 Cymbalta
afternnon 20 Adderall, 5 Zyprexa
PM 5 Zyprexa, 200 Lamictal

This crazy girl (yours truly) is off to Texas for some family time.
I hope you might choose to submit a request on The You're Awesome Topic Request Survey while I am away. After all, you are awesome - and then some.

May you relish in health, laughter, love, and "balance," while I am gone. 
And if you get a chance...ride an elephant.

Oh, and take those pills! Yes, indeed.

Until next time...


  1. Relax and enjoy! :)

    1. Thanks, J! Had a good time but its always good to get back too!

    2. Definitly! :) Glad you enjoyed it- you deserved it! :)