Friday, February 8, 2013

Scribbled Blob Makes Art

Crazy pill count:
AM .5 Ativan, 90 Cymbalta, 10 Viibryd, 25 Lamictal
afternoon 1 Ativan
PM 1 Ativan, 5 Zyprexa


I'm just a big, old, black scribbled blob and it's getting old - fast.

Over the summer, when I had a horrific mixed episode, Dr. Crazy recommended I try doing some artwork. I had never made angry art before, but I really got into it and found it to be very helpful. That Dr. Crazy never quits being a smart cookie. I talk all about it here. 

Yesterday, running out of options of survival of this current madness, I decided to try to navigate this damn depression and akathesia with some artwork. I was inspired during my sad song marathon in my "Bipolar Fallout Shelter" the other day.

This is what was birthed:

I found the experience wonderfully helpful and very positive. It gave me something to do with my restless hands, mind, and heart. I was even able to skip an optional dose of Ativan.
How's that for art therapy?! 

"You are an artist. Your heart is your masterpiece."
-Sleeping at Last

Interested in the song?
Listen to it here:

Until next time...


  1. Beautiful artwork and song, thank you for sharing. I hope the dark scribble starts to gain some colour very soon.
    hugs x

    1. Thanks, On the Way...
      I'm sure those glorious colors aren't far away.
      How are you today, dear?

  2. bacon! I love this! Your doc IS smart and you are brave to do this. Love the song, too. Are things getting better? I'm thinking about you. hugs you tight.

    1. Things are getting better. Finally. Whew...what a ride. Giant hug!

  3. Love the art! Love you, Mops. Keep it up, brave girl.

  4. Art has saved my life many a time. I am so glad you found it a comfort and a healthy escape from the darkness.
    You are amazing, Beautiful Bacon !

    1. So thankful for thankful for you!