Sunday, February 10, 2013

You Are My Procrastination Ninja

Crazy pill count:
AM .5 Ativan, 90 Cymbalta, 25 Lamictal
afternoon .5 Ativan
PM .5 Ativan, 5 Zyprexa

A great big thank you for taking the time to fill out The Joy of Being Bipolar Book Survey!
You guys sure are helpful and I sure am grateful!

I'm so grateful I hired these random kids to spell it out for you!
Okay, not really, I mean I'm thankful, not manic.

A special shout out to a super awesome guy, Chris, who happens to have one of the greatest laughs you'll ever stumble across, for suggesting many moons ago I write this book in the first place, and then convincing me I could. Thanks, buddy.

Is that a great laugh or what?

The hubs gets a special shout out too. Thank you for your encouragement, quietly listening to all my bad poems, and then still believing I can write this book. Seriously, guys, some of these poems are really bad. Oh, and thanks for letting me shoo you out of the house on your days off so I can work!

I am ridiculously excited about writing this book - and it's really because of you. Knowing there is a group of ridiculously awesome people (you) out there who want to read it, makes me want to write it. Some days I do such a great job procrastinating you would have no idea I want to write this book...

...but the survey truly has given me guidance to stray me away from procrastination by giving me a good grip on it's form, focus and content. Basically you're like a bunch of procrastination ninjas! Really bad ass procrastination ninjas.

Hey, you look great in black! 

If you haven't filled it out the survey yet and would like's sooooo easy. 

Thank you for your support.
A big thank you to those of you who have become "official followers."
Thank you, from the bottom of my crazy heart, for reading my silly and serious blog...
You mean the world to me...

"You Mean the World to Me" by Villa Figura

Until next time...


  1. I do look good in black !
    You go, Girlie !!!

  2. I am so excited that you are doing this book. You can do it and it's going to be a huge help to those who are bipolar AND those who arre not.

    1. Thanks so much, Joan. That means a lot!

  3. YOU CAN DO THIS!! I'll definitly buy it when it comes out! :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. I love being a ninja. A dragon ninja. I got your back. Can't wait to read the book.

    1. You are the world's best dragon ninja.