Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Until next time...a final post (for now)

Crazy pill count:
A lot.

Well, my friends, it's been fourteen days since my last post. Fourteen. Good grief. That's way too long considering it's National Mental Health Month. I know, National Mental Health Month, it's exciting but try to keep your pants on, people.

I'm going to kickstart this post off with a writing prompt given to me by a dear and sweet friend: "The reason I haven't blogged in years is because..."

I have been busy healing. I have been healing in the literal physical sense, with pain and ice packs to boot, since I partially tore a tendon in my right foot. If anyone wants to talk about pain, give me a call, send me a letter (I love getting mail!), or better yet come over and entertain me! I know, who wants to talk about pain? Apparently I do because I've been doing it for over three sentences now. That's my cut off point. I allow myself three sentences to wallow before moving on, just how I allow myself a five minute Woe Is Me Party before putting on my big girl panties.

This is what a "Night on the Town" looks like in a "walking boot."

This is what you get to wear because you went on a "Night on the Town"
with a partially torn tendon in a "walking boot."

So anyway, I've been thinking about healing a lot these past fourteen days. Trust me when I tell you there's a lot of thinking time when you are confined to having your foot elevated. This blog has been a great touchstone for me - a reaching out, a way to connect, and a place where I hope I have offered a bit of hope. Hey, that's two hopes in one sentence! Geeze, girl, get a thesaurus.

Maybe I have even offered a little healing for you. If I have, then you have given me the greatest gift, and that is the gift of knowing I have helped.

{Warning: Sad Part Coming Up}

What I'm about to say is sad for me, but is also full of hope. (Seriously, am I suddenly obsessed with the word hope?) I'm going to take a little break from this blog in order to concentrate on things that heal me. I fear I have been focusing too much on how I am ill, instead of on how I can heal. I hope that makes sense to you. (There's that word hope again. I am officially out of control.)

Although there are many things I love about writing this blog, I believe there are other things I need to focus on, right now, in this moment, to deepen my own healing process - namely laughing.

I have spent a lot of my "healing time" reading laugh-out-loud funny books, watching Laughter Yoga videos, and figuring out how to make a living laughing, as that would be the greatest and most healing gift I could offer to others and to myself.

So I need to focus on that for a while.
I need to focus on healing.
I need to focus on laughing.

It actually made me laugh to write the sentence, "I need to focus on laughing."

But I really do.
Seriously. Laughing is no joke.

That sentence also just made me laugh.

And hey, this guy is giving away free shrugs.

I want to focus on sharing laughter with others to heal myself and to offer a tool to others to heal themselves. But most of all, to welcome abundant joy into my heart, as that's what Laughter Yoga is best at doing.

That is precisely what I need, in this moment. And if there is anything I have learned over the years with this doggone bipolar disorder, is how important it is to honor where we are in each moment in time.

I have also learned the importance of taking an occasional
"I am Awesome Break" 
from a "walking boot," an ice pack, or just plain, old crazy life.

I have written 312 posts for you, friends. That's three-hundred-and-twelve for those of you who prefer to read your numbers. You can go back and read them whenever you want. That's a heck of a lot of words to pick from. I also pinned most of the posts on a Pinterest Board for easy access to the ones that interest you.

And I don't think I'll be gone forever. I'm sure I'll stop by from time to time.
Also, I think I might spend a little more time being silly on my other neglected blog:
My Friends Call Me Bacon.

I also, now, have a Giggle Blog on my Laughter Yoga website:
{Click here for the link}

Where I will be posting the Monday Laugh each week.

Except this week.
Because I forgot.
Because I was too busy laughing.

I wish only the biggest and greatest laughter and love to all of you glorious, glorious
(note to self: get a thesaurus), glorious, souls!

And thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading my silly and serious blog.
For you, I have nothing but love.

Serious amounts of love.
Like wearing-rainbow-tutus-on-the-beach-while-making-heart-symbols-kind-of-love.
Yeah, it's a lot.

So until next time:

Keep honoring where you are in each moment...
Be gentle with yourself...
Take your pills...
And, by all means, laugh-out-loud...

Signing off (for now),


  1. This is possibly the best piece I have read. I chuckled all the way through and danced and clapped for joy. Keep laughing - you have made me laugh so often. I love you and it with that love that I welcome you in signing off this blog.

    1. My dear sweet, Sharon,
      You have infused so much support, love, friendship, and JOY into my life. For that I have the deepest gratitude. I always hold you in the warmest part of my heart. I can't wait for the next time we will laugh together! Boy, do I love you! Signing off with a hug,

  2. Bacon - thanks for being here when I needed someone and was feeling so alone. I will be forever grateful to you and this blog for that.

    THAT said - I'm really excited and happy for you. I love that, after giving so much of yourself here, you are taking care of yourself, too.

    big smooches and hugs and bunches of love. (that kinda rhymed) I look forward to reading your other blogs and keeping up with you. *shrugs* It was free.

    ps -love those purple/blue shoes. hope you're feeling better.

    1. Dearest darling, Grace,
      I am thankful because of this blog I met you! And that you gave me a writing prompt that gave me a chance to see what I need. I love you for that. Well, and because you're really stinkin' lovable too. Big hug, sweet friend!
      Signing off,

  3. You are amazing, Bacon! I think this focus on healing and especially, healing through laughter, is just wonderful! Focus on what you want more of, right ?
    I really want to be in touch and will follow you on the other blogs. You have added something important to my world. I am grateful for that, bright One!
    Hugs and giggles!

    1. Dearest Kim,
      You also have added something important to my life and for that I am shining with gratitude. So often your words of encouragement and support have lifted me up. And yes, focus on what you want more of! You are so right. I can't wait to meet you at camp and wrap you in a huge hug!
      Singing off,

  4. Ps so sorry about the big foot booboo. Be sure and pamper your sweet self!

  5. I don't think that there are any other words but thank you. For everything you have given of yourself in your healing through this blog. You have certainly given me hope in some of the darkest days and laughter when I thought it impossible.
    Thank you B, you are amazing! x

    1. Sweetest On The Way,
      Knowing I have made you laugh or given you a bit of hope sure makes my heart smile. Always keep searching for the things that make you chuckle. You a truly one amazing girl! I hope you know and feel that in your heart. Love, love, and more love to you. Oh, and a big hug too, from across the pond. ;)
      Signing off,

  6. AnonymousMay 23, 2013

    see u soon, Mops. Get ready to laugh :) Anita

    1. And no one makes me laugh like you!
      Signing off (as if I could ever sign from you, my darling oldest friend),

      P.S. See you at midnight. Kevin will pick you up in a pumpkin. Don't forget your glass slipper! I don't want to hear you whine about it all weekend.

  7. You are most definitely doing the right thing. You need to focus all that wonderful encouragement you have been offering others for so long on YOU - wonderful, lovable, glorious you. Who else deserves it more? You've given so much of yourself, and now all the wonderful words of wisdom are out there in the universe for people to look at whenever they like. Now it's Bacon Time! Time for Bacon to do eggs-actly what she wants to do (sorry, couldn't help myself). We will all be cheering you on and laughing with you. Love you so much

    1. Oh my, dear, dear, darling, friend Karol,
      Thank you for everything you are and who you have been in my life. (Someone really important.) You have been the inspiration behind more than one post with your kick ass words of wisdom that sometimes include the advice to either kick someone's ass or be a kick ass girl. Which, my goodness, you are the definition of. I love you more than I can express. So grateful for you...

      Signing off,