Sunday, July 14, 2013

So Anyway...Can I Interest You In a Cup of Joe?

Crazy pill count:
AM 200 Lamictal, 5 Zyprexa, 30 Cymbalta, 20 Adderall
PM 300 Lamictal, 5 Zyprexa, 1 Ativan

Every Sunday, I look forward to Post Secret's Sunday Secrets. Occasionally, I have shared them here with you. I have even sent in two of my own, and one Sunday, found my first secret tangled in with all the secrets of the happy, the depressed, and the desperate to be heard.

Today, I went to the Post Secret Facebook page, for the first time, and discovered many more secrets. I wanted to share a few with you that felt very important.

It's heart breaking to read secrets like this. 
Many secrets, like this one, bring me to tears.

This secret was tangled in not far behind.

But these secrets aren't only for teenagers or 22 year olds. 
They are also for me and for you. The world needs us, even if we don't have things "figured out" and regardless of our age.

There was also an article that beautifully describes the difference between living a happy life and living a meaningful life from, "The Atlantic."




{Spoiler Alert:}
The title is: "There's More to Life Than Being Happy." 

The Post Secret Facebook page said:
Suggestion: Print this article; Take it to a coffee shop, bar or park; Read it; Hand it to a stranger.

I thought today you could be my coffee shop. 
My treat! What's your drink?

Tall, vanilla, extra foam, skinny cappuccino: 
Because you're counting those pesky calories?

Grande, half-caf, soy, three pump vanilla, two pump chai, mocha: 
Because you're a little high maintenance, and frankly, have some really strange taste buds?

Or wait - let me guess again: 
Venti, Pike Blend, drip coffee, with no room for cream: 
Because you're a total hard-ass? 

Her coffee looks really upsetting.
Gosh, do you think they gave her the wrong drink?

Look, celebrities get coffee just like us!

They even give it to their small children!

This is not a short article. I mean, it's kind of a time commitment a tad longer than several minutes, but rest assured, it's shorter than a fortnight. And it really is worth it.   

You also might cry - at least I did. But then again, I'm a tad on the emotional side this morning. I mean, I'm kind of finding everything thing either touching or heart breaking. Like the fact my cats didn't eat their dinner from last night, because they didn't like their new food, sent me straight down heartbreak highway with tears to boot. Yes, perhaps a tad emotional. Maybe you may know these mornings too.

I hope you might read the article and share it with someone too.
Read it by Clicking Here!

What's up with all this emotional sharing this morning? 
I mean, geeze, get some stock in Kleenex, girl. 

I don't know what it's about. I really don't. I just know when I have found myself in, what feels like perpetual darkness, with razor blades on my mind, what stopped me were the moments I was able to convince myself that maybe, just maybe, my life had meaning after all. That maybe, just maybe, if I was gone, the world would be missing a little something. 

And by the way, if you were to leave this world, I guarantee the world would be a less beautiful place, and you would leave behind a deep blank anguish. You are needed here. I promise. Your light is too bright, and too important to be lost. 

So don't you dare, ever, convince yourself otherwise. 
If you do, I will track you down and punch you.

In the face.

I'll write your name in this journal...

Put on this t-shirt...

And BAM!

No, not really. I would wrap you in a hug, and gently remind you how important you are. 

I hope you can keep that it mind if you ever find yourself thinking of razor blades, or that your life has no meaning. Even if you feel your colors are gone, or if you feel you don't have things figured out, you do have meaning, and you are far too beautiful to deny the world of such beauty and grace that is uniquely you.

Read that article.
Share it.
Know in your heart you have meaning.
And go forth making the world more beautiful...just by being uniquely you.

Big hug...

And seriously, simplify your Starbuck's order.

Oh, and cash in that hug anytime.
There's plenty more where this came from.

Until next time...